F0734 – Avon Park

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Finalist in 2017 at the International PhotoShoot Awards in the Freedom category.

EditionEdition of 4 - Print unique on each size
Type of printSilver based C-Print
Certificate of authenticityYes
Year of creation2016
Fine art artistIdan Wizen
SeriesUn Anonyme Nu Dans Le Salon
Sub-seriesArtificial Nature

About the series “Artificial Nature”

The pop-art collection Artificial Nature is a snub to those who forget that human nudity is natural. That’s why the set chosen for this collection is outrageously false and plastic. Neon green synthetic grass, grotesque inflatable animals and a blazing blue sky made from a roll of paper are here to emphasize the artificialness of the surroundings and underline the only natural part – the model, naked, without retouching and artifice, posing in its most natural state possible.

Sizes and framing

300,00 1800,00 


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