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Who's that nude in the living room ? – Art photography by Idan Wizen

Online booking of your session Who’s that nude in my living room

By coming for the photoshoot of the project Who’s That Nude in the Living Room, you accept that one of the photographs of the session can be published, exhibited in an art gallery, and be sold to collectors. You also agree not to choose the decor and/or the graphic style by trusting the creative qualities of Idan Wizen.

In return, the costs relating to the session are offered to you. (You are only charged for the costs of ordering the print.)

   Course of a session:

Photo session of approximately 2 hours.

The session takes place in 3 stages:

The first step is to meet the photographer: around a glass, a coffee or a glass of champagne, Idan takes the time to get to know you, to understand your expectations regarding the session, to answer your questions.

The second step is the shooting itself. You will be guided throughout. You just have to relax!

Finally, you look together at the photographs to choose the ones you really like.

   Included in your session:

Free session – Prints not included

The session includes:

The shooting, the set costs, and all the technical costs.

A photograph in a digital file. In addition, at the end of the session, you can choose to order additional prints and photographs. Prices start at € 65 for digital files and € 100 for signed prints.

Coffee, champagne or other drink as well as Idan’s smiles!

Location of the shooting:

23 rue Duméril – 75013 – Paris – FRANCE

Have a question? Do not hesitate to contact us at +33

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If you register for a session, please honor your appointment or at least notify as soon as possible


Ongoing collection: Sanitized

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