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The Shape of Things

“The Shape of Things” by French photographer Manon Deck-Sablon redefines the interaction between humans and their environment. Her architectural background informs her unique vision, staging nude, anonymous figures in unexpected interplays with their surroundings, devoid of conventional gender or sexuality norms.

This series highlights how human forms can alter their environment, encouraging viewers to reconsider our impact on and relationship with our surroundings. Deck-Sablon’s work invites us to explore new ways of seeing and inhabiting our world.

Acknowledged globally, her work has been showcased internationally and draws comparisons to Spencer Tunick, though Deck-Sablon favors a more focused approach, highlighting the individuality of each subject.

“The Shape of Things” is a tribute to pure beauty and the conversation between nature and artistry, providing fresh insights into the intimate bond between humans and their living spaces.

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