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In the series “Résille,” Marie de Duve captures the interaction between the body and the textile, pushing the boundaries of abstraction. The use of fishnet stockings acts like a grid, filtering and distorting the reality of the body underneath, transforming it into a series of undulations and geometric shapes. Upon closer inspection, each photograph reduces the body to abstract elements; the sinuous lines and spaces delimited by the mesh become a tableau of black and white contrasts.

The close-ups of fishnet stockings, enveloping the human body, transform the skin into a mosaic of geometric patterns, evoking works of optical art with their ability to deceive the eye and stimulate the imagination.

Each shot is both an act of revelation and concealment, where the fishnet both masks and unveils, cutting and distorting the human form into abstract patterns. The mesh simplifies the organic complexity of the body into fundamental elements of light and shadow, presence and absence, thus fragmenting the subject’s identity and opening the door to a multitude of interpretations.

Marie de Duve navigates the tension between the concrete and the abstract, the erotic and the distant. Her images illustrate a dance between visibility and mystery, where bodies metamorphose into abstract landscapes of textures and forms.

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