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You first notice the face before the nudity

I discovered Idan’s work on Facebook while surfing on the net and went on his website right away. What first hit me was the look and the face of the models, not their nudity. Instantly I knew I wanted to be a part of this. I have no problem with nudity, but I was worried being a bad model. It was my first time, I wanted to be great. So, I kept going back to the website to get inspiration from the others’ poses. Idan knows how to keep the situation from being awkward. I was so focused on following his instructions that it felt like the session only lasted 10 minutes. I was afraid of not doing justice to Idan’s project, until I saw the pictures.
Since then, I’ve become a real fan and bought a dozen Wizens, my favorite being W064, who is by the way the highlight of my desk!