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Pierre Desproges

★ ICONIC PORTRAITS ★ by Arnaud Baumann

Pierre Desproges

Pierre Desproges (born May 9, 1939 in Pantin, France; died April 18, 1988 of cancer) was a French humorist. Famed for his wry sense of humor, which was enhanced by his remarkable literary ease, Desproges often made a name for himself with his unusual jokes: as he said himself, “You can laugh at anything, but not with just anyone”. His humor reflects his anti-militarist stance (“Don’t despair of fools. With a little training, you can turn them into soldiers”) or anti-communitarianism (“There’s more humanity in a dog’s eye when it wags its tail than in Le Pen’s tail when he wags his eye”, “Anne Sinclair said she would never have married a non-Jew; this could be seen as a kind of racism”).

He didn’t hesitate to tackle the most sensitive subjects, such as religion (“God said: You shall love your neighbor as yourself, that’s true. But God or no God, I don’t like being on familiar terms, and I prefer to be myself, it’s not my fault”), the Second World War (“The trouble with collaboration was that you had to denounce Jews. It’s not a very nice occupation, denouncing Jews. Yes, but… in the Resistance, we didn’t denounce the Jews… but we had to live with it!”) and even his own illness (“More cancerous than me, tumor!”).

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Edition Edition of 26
10 copies XS | 7 copies S | 5 copies M | 3 copies L | Single copy in XL
Type of Print Silver Base Print
Signature Signed and numbered on the back
Certificate of Authenticity Yes
Year of Creation 1981-2010
Artist Arnaud Baumann

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