Anna Laza

Human hands and their silent eloquence

Anna Laza

Anna Laza, an influential visual artist in the field of art photography, weaves a tapestry of innovative styles through her lens. Her projects delve deeply into the realms of shooting and post-production, creating a unique fusion of technique and emotion. Acclaimed internationally, her work has not only been exhibited worldwide but has also won numerous prestigious awards, including honors at renowned competitions such as LensCulture.

Anna’s art finds its place in the pages of esteemed photography magazines, and her keen eye is often sought for inclusion in prestigious juries at photographic events. Beyond her personal creations, Anna is the visionary behind FotoSlovo, a magazine dedicated to discovering and celebrating emerging talents in photography each year.

Her project “Story of Love” is a poetic exploration of the silent eloquence of human hands, expressed through the timeless medium of black-and-white photography. Here, hands become the sole protagonists, with each gesture revealing a chapter in the intricate tapestry of human emotions and relationships. In this collection, Anna captures the raw and tactile essence of emotions—affection, trust, unity, and even anger. Each photograph is a narrative in itself, depicting the universal story of human connection through the language of physical touch.

“Story of Love” is a celebration of the timeless bonds that unite us all, capturing the universal language of touch in its purest and most expressive form. Through her lens, Anna Laza invites us to witness the profound beauty and complexity of human interaction, offering a glimpse into this silent yet eloquent language that speaks volumes about our shared humanity.

Full Name Anna Laza
Nationality Romanian
Year of Birth 1984
Main Technique Photography
Price Range From €200 to €1,200
Presence in Institutional Collections No
Presence in the Secondary Market No
Anna Laza - Fine Art photographer

Story of Love by Anna Laza

2019–2020 — Fine art prints, limited to 10 copies in all formats