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FAQ – Art Gallery

You can find below the most frequently asked questions, to which we tried to answer as precisely as possible. If you have other questions or need additional information, we are at your disposal by mail or telephone: +33 (1) 43 37 50 91.

Orders & shipments

What are the delivery times?

Although we have a few prints in stock, most of them are made when you submit your order. To the usual delivery times are therefore added the time of the print run and the installation of the finishings. Each print is then checked, numbered, and signed by Idan Wizen. Delivery times can therefore vary considerably! 

On average, it takes 15 to 20 working days more than the usual delivery time, depending on the format and the finishings chosen.

If you have a specific request, please contact us in order to confirm its feasibility or not.

What is the withdrawal period?

As the prints are mostly made once you have submitted the order, we accept the withdrawal of the order within 48 hours after submitting it.

What are the conditions of return?

We accept returns within 15 days after receipt of the order for the following reasons: artwork not conforming to the order; print damaged during transportation.

However, if you have acquired a print and it has been damaged, even several years after its acquisition, we can always restore it to you for production cost. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Prints & finishings

What do you mean by a simple print?

A simple print is a print made on photo paper without any added finishing. The print is numbered and signed, but you get it either rolled, for larger formats or flat.

You can frame it or put it in an album according to your wishes.

Attention, the prints are made on photographic paper. They do not appreciate fingerprints. We advise you to handle them only using gloves and to have them framed by professionals.

How do the frames we propose look like?

We propose only black aluminum frames with a white or black passe-partout, with neutral PH to guarantee the preservation of the print. Unfortunately, we cannot currently offer you other frames, but we would be happy to direct you to quality framers if you wish.

The color of the passe-partout is chosen according to the work by the artist. If you have a preference, please let us know.

Example of framing:

Non-contractual image

NB: Unlike the animation above, our frames all include a wall hanger. All you have to do is to put it down!

What is a print mounted on Dibond?

Dibond is an elegant assembly of two thin layers of aluminum framing a thin layer of foam. This gives the assembly lightness, rigidity, and stability over time. On this panel, we laminate a print made on silver paper.

The absence of glass makes it possible to better restore colors and contrasts.

Our Dibonds are 2mm thick. They have the hanging bars on the back in order to be directly put on the wall.

Dibond is a very stable finishing over time and the assembly will not move. The Dibond is however sensitive to fingerprints (the photo paper is in direct contact) and fears shocks during transportation.

Example of a Dibond mounting:

Non-contractual image

What is a print assembled in a shadow box?

A shadow box mount is an assembly of a photograph glued on Dibond and a wooden frame, glued to the back. This wooden frame has no glass. This allows it to protect and give a different finish to the Dibond.

Example of an assembly in a shadow box:

Non-contractual image

Certification & numbering

Are the prints signed?

The prints presented in the Art Gallery section are all signed and numbered by hand by their author, Idan Wizen. They are generally signed on the front side, bottom right. As such, they meet the criteria defining a work of art according to 98A – Appendix 3 of the French tax code.

What is a numbered print?

A numbered print is an original print, made by the artist whose total number of pieces that may exist is clearly shown. The total numbering may vary according to each work, but to be an original print, this numbering must be less than 30. On the print, it appears, therefore, added by the artist’s hand, not far from his signature, a number of the form 1/8 or 1/30.

What concerns Idan Wizen, his prints are generally limited to 3 or 4 copies (some collections are at 30).

What is a print unique in its size?

A print unique in its size is a signed, numbered print that is guaranteed to be unique in size, regardless of the total numbering. An 80×120 cm print in 4 copies unique in its size means that there will be 3 other copies of this photograph but no other will be 80×120 cm.

What is the certification provided?

In addition to the signature and the numbering, the prints proposed in the Art Gallery section of the site are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity equipped with a holographic protection system provided by the company Hahnemühle.

This system is composed of two holograms with identical and unique numbers. One is affixed on the back of the photograph, the other on the certificate of authenticity. This one is also signed by the hand of the author-photographer.

Can I resell the print?

As with any acquisition of property, you have the total freedom to sell it at the price you wish. However, we advise you to turn to an auction house specialized in this field.


What is the applicable VAT rate?

The rate applicable for sales in France is reduced to 5.5% (Sale of original artwork by the author), and it is included in the price. 

Customs fees, however, may depend on the country.

I am a company, what are the tax advantages?

A special deduction is provided for businesses that purchase original works from living artists for public display. They may, under certain conditions, in particular, if they are entered in a fixed asset account, deduct the acquisition price from their taxable income on an extra-accounting basis.

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