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Original artworks offered by our gallery

We carry a collection of 3000+ artworks. With a wide selection like ours, we know it’s difficult to find the one.
That’s why we’re here! We offer our help in a variety of ways:


Advice for choosing the perfect piece that matches exactly what you’re looking for.


Help with creating a composition of works that complement each other in your space.


Aiding in finishing and framing options that elevate the artwork you choose.

currently at the gallery:

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The Boomer Collection : freedom and identity of the human body

The Studio Idan Art Gallery presents “The Boomer Collection” from May 24 to June 14, 2024 in Paris, a captivating exhibition that immerses visitors in the pop and psychedelic world of the 70s. With works celebrating the human body in a kitsch setting, this unusual exhibition questions our relationship to nudity and intimacy through the prism of seventies style. Discover a unique collection where art and social issues meet at 43 rue Beaubourg, Paris.. >>>

Exposition d'art à Paris
The Boomer Collection - Exposition galerie Paris
Exposition de photographies à Paris

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What is a series? A series is a declaration of an idea, story, or deeper sense of meaning behind a collection of photographs. The curation of a series can be made before or after the declaration of said idea. Below you will find collections from our artists that we’ve chosen to showcase, each with their own unique narrative!


Exploration Of Self

Ab Intus

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43 rue Beaubourg - Paris 3 - M° Rambuteau
Mon to Sat - 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM


featured selection

Every month we carefully choose 4 photographs that we want to highlight! These works contrast each other in theme and context in order to show you how broad our selection is. We distinctly showcase the photos we find striking and must be seen!


Discover “Critics’ Choice & Awarded”, where works selected by experts and awarded in competitions are highlighted. This unique collection brings together exceptional pieces, ideal for enriching any art collection. Explore this selection and seize the opportunity to acquire works that bring distinction and inspiration to your space…

The Gallerist’s Crushes


Artsper’s Selection


Have a look at these artworks before it's too late!

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What is a theme? A theme is a unifying concept or motif that gives coherence and direction to a collection of artworks. It serves as the underlying thread that ties individual pieces together, presenting a cohesive narrative or exploration of a particular subject. The selection of a theme can occur at any stage in the creative process, guiding the creation or curation of artworks around a central idea. Below you will find thematic collections from our artists that we have chosen to showcase, each resonating with its distinct message and aesthetic vision!

Inspired by Pop Art

Art Can Be Fun!

Our Sexiest Apollos

books and collectibles

Exclusive Art Narratives: Your Gateway to Collectible Elegance

What is a fine art print?

By ordering a print here, you have:

• An artwork in a very limited edition: between 3 and 30 copies maximum according to the collections.
• A quality print that will not deteriorate over time.
• An artwork which is signed and numbered by the author’s hand
• The satisfaction of supporting a young and innovative Parisian gallery