Fine arts print of Idan Wizen

Here you can purchase the prints of Idan Wizen’s photographs of your choice. All of them are printed on a silver-based C-type paper, which is the highest-quality printing for photographs. Idan himself checks the final output of all the prints. Then they are carefully numbered and signed by the artist. Most of them are unique in their size, and available only in four different formats, which makes the prints rather rare. So you can be sure that when you purchase one of them, you won’t find the same one at your neighbor’s! This is not a poster you are buying, but the best quality piece of art!

On your left you can find the menu, to help you to narrow down the research and find the exact type of print you are looking for.

If you are still uncertain which piece of art will be ideal for you, there is a form on our website with specific questions to lead you to your perfect art print. Otherwise, if you are willing to come to our studio in Paris, you are welcome to make an appointment and Idan will be happy to help you out personally!

Focus of the moment

last of the edition

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All these photographs
won an award.
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Check out the new fine art
collection by Idan Wizen!

into the box

A series created during
the lockdown, where the protagonists
are enclosed in the box.

Virtual Street Art

A collection to visualize
how the world would look like
if nudity was the part of it.

The world we left them

What will future generations
say when they talk about
the world we left them?

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Art can be fun!

A selection of prints that can
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Our sexiest Apollos

Feeling lonely? Our curators' selection
is here to help you choose the most
handsome Apollo to keep you company!

The beautiful wrinkles

We tend to think that
only the youth is beautiful.
Let us show you wrong!


Here you can discover other
photographs of Idan Wizen
that are solitary in their beauty!

round is gorgeous

To oppose to the diktats of
modern fashion, Idan shows
that beauty does not have a size!

Our best tattoos

Click here and discover
a selection of photographs
that depict art in art.

Hair in the wind!

Sometimes a spontaneous movement
can be much more beautiful
than a thought-out pose.

Our venus selection

Here you can find our
humble selection of the
classic form of female beauty!

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