Clara Diebler

The superimposition of negatives to lead us towards the positive.

Clara Diebler

Born in Paris to a German family, Clara Diebler delved into the magical world of film photography from a young age. Her curious and explorative spirit led her to overlay two negatives, revealing a rich and enigmatic parallel universe. Since this discovery, Clara has been weaving her own visual world, taking us on a journey where every element seems interconnected by invisible threads of poetry and mystery.

With a unique sensitivity, Clara Diebler skillfully blends nudes, portraits, architectural structures, and floral patterns, creating a striking visual alchemy. Each photograph becomes a fusion of two visions: that of the model and that of the photographer, of those who see and those who feel. Through her lens, she captures and elevates this intrinsic duality, this romantic and universal femininity that lies within each of us.

Her work is a delicate dance between feminine essence and universality, while maintaining a distinct singularity marked by an original vision. Anachronistic and melancholic, raw and splendid, Clara Diebler’s aesthetic is an invitation to view the world in a new light, to discover the hidden beauty in the duality of human existence.

Each of Clara’s photographs is a window into a waking dream, where the past and present intertwine, where softness meets brutality, and where melancholy transforms into magnificence. Through her gaze, she offers us an intimate and universal perspective, reminding us that beauty lies in the contrasts and secret harmonies of the world.

Full Name Clara Diebler
Nationality French
Année de naissance 1980
Main Technic Photography
Range of prices from 100 € to 1200 €
Presence in institutional collections. No
Presence on the secondary market No
Portrait de la photographe Clara Diebler


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