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★ ICONIC PORTRAITS ★ by Arnaud Baumann


Jean-Marc Reiser, known as Reiser, who started out as Jean-Marc Roussillon, was a scriptwriter and cartoonist, born in Réhon (Meurthe-et-Moselle) on 13 April 1941 and died in Paris, aged 42, on 5 November 1983 of bone cancer.

He was the husband of Michèle Reiser, television director and member of the CSA, author of the books Dans le creux de la main and Jusqu’au bout du festin.

After starting out as a delivery boy for Nicolas, a wine merchant, Reiser began his career as a cartoonist in 1958, publishing in various minor magazines such as Blagues (pseudonym JIEM) and La Gazette de Nectar (pseudonym J-M Roussillon – an in-house magazine for Nicolas). In 1960, he took part in the creation of Hara-Kiri, founded by Cavanna, Georges Bernier (Professeur Choron) and Fred (Fred Othon Aristidès), the monthly Hara-Kiri that was to become one of the flagships of underground culture in the 1970s. In 1966, he joined the newspaper Pilote, where he worked with a host of talented authors including Gotlib, Alexis, Mézières and Mandryka. In May 68, he drew in Action, with Siné and Wolinski. After Hara-Kiri Hebdo was banned in 1970, due to the disrespectful announcement of General de Gaulle’s death (the famous: Bal tragique à Colombey : un mort), he naturally contributed to its successor, Charlie Hebdo, from the very first issue. Throughout his career, Reiser also published in La Gueule ouverte (he was very interested in ecology, particularly solar energy), BD, Charlie Mensuel, Métal hurlant and L’Écho des savanes.

His work is considerable. His characters include Gros Dégueulasse and Jeanine. His drawings have been collected in numerous collections: Ils sont moches, La Famille Oboulot aux vacances, Les Oreilles rouges, La Vie au grand air, Vive les femmes, La Vie des bêtes etc. The series of Sales Blagues published in L’Écho des Savanes, continued by Vuillemin, continues to attract a large number of readers.

One of the main characteristics of Vuillemin’s style is his habit of talking about ordinary people and their everyday lives. He rarely drew the politicians of his day, even though he worked for a satirical weekly. The simplicity of his drawings. Reiser always goes straight to the point. His aim: to make people laugh.
His humour, very crude for its time, was often in bad taste.

“He went to the cemetery on foot” (he is buried in the Montparnasse cemetery), to quote the title of the special issue of Hara-Kiri on his death, which featured one of his drawings, originally produced for Franco. At his funeral, the Hara-Kiri team laid a wreath reading: “On behalf of Hara Kiri, on sale everywhere”.

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Edition Edition of 26
10 copies XS | 7 copies S | 5 copies M | 3 copies L | Single copy in XL
Type of Print Silver Base Print
Signature Signed and numbered on the back
Certificate of Authenticity Yes
Year of Creation 1981-2010
Artist Arnaud Baumann

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