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Jean-François Stévenin and Jackie Berroyer

Little Black Book by Arnaud Baumann

Jean-François Stévenin and Jackie Berroyer

Jean-François Stévenin, born January 23, 1944 in Lons-le-Saunier, was a French actor, director and screenwriter. Making his debut in the 1960s, he became an emblematic figure of French auteur cinema. Known for his collaborations with directors such as Truffaut and Rivette, he left his mark on major New Wave films.

Stévenin has also successfully explored directing, with films such as “Double Messieurs” and “Passe-Montagne”. His impressive filmography reflects a career dedicated to the art of cinema, combining versatile acting roles with a unique artistic sensibility.

Beyond cinema, he has also participated in television projects and written several screenplays. His enduring contribution to the French cinematic landscape makes him a respected and much-lamented figure after his death in July 2021.


Jackie Berroyer, born in Paris on October 24, 1946, is a French writer, actor, director and screenwriter. A fixture on the arts scene since the 1970s, he began his career as a journalist and critic for Hara-Kiri before turning to comedy.

Known for his offbeat humor, Berroyer has appeared on cult shows such as “Palace”. He has also made his mark on French cinema, with roles in films by such renowned directors as Jean-Pierre Mocky and Jean-Jacques Beineix.

Alongside his acting career, he tried his hand at directing with the film “Le Bonheur est dans le pré” (Happiness is in the Meadow) in 1995. Jackie Berroyer remains an atypical figure in the French art world, successfully blending writing, cinema and comedy, leaving behind him a rich and singular legacy.

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Edition Edition of 18
7 copies XS – 20 x 30 cm | 7 copies S – 24 x 36 cm | 3 copies M – 40 x 60 cm | Single Copy L 100 x 150 cm
Type of print Silver Base Print
Signature Signed and numbered on the back
Certificate of Authenticity Yes
Year of Creation 1981-1983
Fine Art Artist Arnaud Baumann
Series Little Black Book