Louis Blanc

Self portraits like you've never seen them before.

Louis Blanc

Simplistic yet daring artist, inspired by the human form.

French photographer Louis Blanc was born in 1956 and has been living in Toulouse for over a decade. Blanc was never formally educated in photography and mastered his technique entirely himself. He would post his work in photography forums and enter contests. From the 1980’s to the 2000’s he experimented with different cameras including a Minolta and a digital compact. After spending some time perfecting his craft, and gaining vast experience, he decided to upgrade with an SLR in 2010. With his new equipment, he was able to hone in on his primary interests and birthed his project CORpuS in 2011. 

The idea for this series came to him after winning a competition on a forum. CORpuS was an enlightening experience for Blanc, as he came to realize the image of the body was something that evoked a lot of emotion and deep thought. As we can see, the images from CORpuS, bear a neutral background, because the contorted body is more than enough to summon conviction. 

Blanc’s artistic process begins with an unrefined idea, a bit like a brainstorm, but the end result is the culmination of many shots and redirections, making it intentional and unplanned at the same time. In addition, Blanc doesn’t avoid placing the body in disturbing poses. Actually, most of the images in CORpuS, push the boundaries of the human body. The images were made of himself, using a self-timer and remote control. 

Louis Blanc has been emerging in the photography world for the past decade, and his work doesn’t come without praise. In 2014, he joined the community of artists supported by Maecene Arts. The CORpuS series became well-known all over France, being published in numerous magazines including La Provence and Réponses Photo. Over the years, this series has been a part of 40+ exhibitions internationally, including France, Russia, New York, Japan, Italy and Prague. He was also published in Monaco’s Monaco Culture and Switzerland’s Geneva Tribune. It goes without saying that the world should keep an eye out for what Louis Blanc will do next.

Full Name Louis Blanc
Nationality French
Year of Birth 1956
Principal Technique Photography
Range of Pricing from 1400 € to 6250 €
Presence in Institutional Collection No
Presence on the Secondary Market No
Louis Blanc CORpuS fine art photographer

CORpuS by Louis Blanc

2010–2020 — Fine art prints, limited to 10 copies (all sizes included)