Make a photo book with Idan Wizen

A good book immediately underlines your seriousness and your desire to succeed in this profession.

The book is the showcase for all those who want to succeed in the professions of model, actor…

Composed of several photos in different attitudes, with different framing, in different outfits, your portfolio must show the extent of your skills by varying styles to present several facets of your personality and adapt to the casting for which you are applying (fashion , lingerie, face, role of “bad guy” or role of “nice guy”…)

Making a book requires time, investment, a team of professionals working with you, but above all a strategy and a method.

What method to make my book?

A book must be unique to everyone. It differentiates its owner in order to make it unique.

During a casting, we ask for an irreproachable quality of book. This reflects the seriousness and image of the applicant. He will therefore have to be creative with color and black and white visuals. The ideal is to multiply the plans. Go from the general plan to the very close-up. The middle plan or foot plan is also necessary. It will be necessary to create rhythm by varying the situations. A minimum of two sessions should be scheduled.

1. Make an appointment

The first step is therefore to meet Idan to take stock of your expectations and define your project. You can at the bottom of the page make an appointment via our form. It is free and without obligation.

2. Discussion and choice of strategy

During the first meeting, depending on your career desires, you will put in place a creative strategy to take photographs in line with your objectives.

3. Session planning

Before this step, we will offer you a quote. If it suits you, we will start setting up the photo shoots while contacting the partners (make-up artist, stylist, hairdresser, etc.)

4. Shooting and choosing photos

During the shooting, you are guided, directed and advised. The same applies to the choice of photographs to keep. During the sessions, several hundred photos will be taken. You have to keep 10 good ones and certainly not 150 average ones…

5. Development and retouching

All professional photographs are retouched. Here, the goal is not to transform you, but to give the best of yourself. We therefore do a light and natural touch-up, focusing on temporary imperfections (rebellious hair, pimples, dark circles, etc.).

6. Placement of composites

Once the photographs are ready, it is important to prepare the way in which to show them: different paper books with quality prints; different PDF files, with a good layout and adapted to each cast.

Who takes the photographs?

When you reserve a book, it is always Idan Wizen who makes it. We do not entrust the work to an intern or an apprentice.

Idan has been a professional photographer for over ten years and a teacher at Sup de Pub.

In the field of fine art photography, he has won more than thirty international awards for his photographs which have been exhibited in Europe, the United States and Japan.

His dual skills as a photographer and in publicity allow Idan not only to take beautiful photos… He takes photos that also involve a strategy of.

Some photographs taken by Idan Wizen:

What does your book package contain?

We prefer to offer you 10 quality photos rather than 150 average...

All session fees

In our quote, we always include all the costs related to photo equipment, travel… In the end, no bad surprises with additional costs at the end of the session.

Remuneration of service providers

We also take care of declaring and paying the various service providers such as the make-up artist or the stylist. No need for you to negotiate and pay each.

8 to 15 retouched photographs

Depending on your needs, we will have defined the number of photographs you need. We choose them together and we prepare them for you so that you only have to send them.

Placement of composites

We lay out the different composites, the PDF files or even the management of the prints you will need, depending on the different castings to which you are going to apply.

Broadcast rights

Yes, it may seem obvious, but not all photographers are honest… Here, no additional distribution rights fees so that you can publish the photos on your site or your social networks…

Extra time !

Idan’s will is above all to provide quality work and not to do timed assembly line work! If we have to spend a little more time than expected for a session so that the result is better, it’s not a problem and there is no charge!

What is the price of a book?

We all have a friend of a friend who received a camera for Christmas and can do it for you for free...
Not sure if you get anything other than free contracts...

As we explained to you previously, a book must adapt to the uniqueness of each person; an estimate will therefore be provided to you at the end of the appointment with Idan.

For information, however, it is necessary to count a range of 800 to 1500 € for the production of a professional book.

investing time and money in a book directly proves the motivation you have to succeed in your job

Make an appointment online with Idan Wizen

This first 45-minute meeting is free and without obligation. It will take place at the photographic studio (23 rue Duméril 75013 Paris)

However, please be a little serious about your project to avoid everyone wasting their time!