They tell you their story

I will not tell.

You first notice the face before the nudity

Overcoming my persistent sense of modesty

All his pictures are respectful…

Will I end up on the wall of your living room?

Thanks mom, I dedicate you this picture

Using my body in an artistic way

Each years, I make a stroke of madness!

6 months before I made up my mind to step in!

It was another way of taking care of me and, especially, another way of seeing myself

The same time as an unexpected break-up

I was pleasantly surprised

It is trendy to blame people who pose nude

Take the plunge and sit for Idan!

Do for others what I ask my models!

How would Idan react in front of that waning body?

I like my photo: it’s out of touch and a little pinup-like!

This photoshoot achieved its primary mission: to make me accept my body

It was the right time to embark on this adventure!

To those who have a hard time accepting getting old…

The excitement of surpassing myself

Once naked you fell like everything has failed you

Pressure and stage fright grow unbearable!

My doubts vanished with my mom’s blessing!

Idan captured something I didn’t know about

I managed to feel me… really me

I gave myself over completely

Why did I pose naked?