News of the Studio Idan

Exposition : The Boomer Collection

Arles in Paris: Project Call

Beyond Our Dreams

Rent a Premier Gallery Space for Paris Fashion Week 2024


Dina Goldstein: Disenchanted Realities

Body Under Skin

Your Premier Fashion Week Venue in Le Marais

Transform Your Fashion Week Experience in Le Marais

Enjoyment | Freedom | Recklessness – Le Palace by Arnaud Baumann

Inauguration of the new studio

The Boomer Collection

Ephemeral Boutiques and Product Launches at Our Marais Gallery

The Redesigned Skin – Idan Wizen at the La Lison gallery

Backstage at the Image In’Air gallery

What is Who’s That Nude In The Living Room?

Hinders: what imprisons us

Singularity: the collection where the anonymous are not alone

Meet Idan Wizen

How it all began ?

Eroticized or demonized? What if we made nudity sacred?

Le Marais: The Ultimate Destination for Your Fashion Event

Purity : The transcription of single-line drawing into photography

Sanitized : Not trying to please, trying not to displease

Lost room : Photographs out of time and space

Artist, a job that makes you dream

Choosing Who’s That Nude In The Living Room

Idan’s favorites

Into The Box / The World We Left Them / Virtual Street Art

Contemporary art: love it or hate it?

The value of a photographic print

Liberty : Nature shaped by man

Where does the desire to pose naked come from?

Everyone can be a piece of art!

What attracts us about a being we know nothing about?

Backstage : tribute to the beginnings of the liberation of the body

Pandemonium : photography inspired by classical painting

Nudity in art, over the centuries and across cultures

How about we meet?