Manon Deck-Sablon

When architecture meets the body.

Manon Deck-Sablon

Experimental artist blending two passions that place the viewer in almost liminal spaces.

The young French photographer Manon Deck-Sablon was born in 1995 in Saint-Cloud and grew up in the south of France. She began her studies at the Montpellier School of Architecture, before completing them at the Versailles Landscape School in 2020.

Through her photographs, she explores the sensibility acquired in her training as a landscape architect and architect to stage encounters between bodies and their environment. Naked, anonymous, faceless, desexualized, non-gendered bodies, with flesh as their material, are deployed in space, creating absurd, poetic situations. Here, the models lose their identity, whether female, male or non-binary, and become nothing more than abstract, disarticulated forms interacting with each other or with the solids and voids of their environment.

Although she has only recently begun her photographic career, Manon Deck-Sablon’s work has already attracted attention, and she has shown some of her work in group photographic exhibitions in Milan and Paris, solo exhibitions at architecture festivals, and in publications in art magazines such as Acumen, and architecture and society magazines such as Polygone and Figures.

She is often compared, both in approach and style, to the American artist Spencer Tunick, but playing instead with the geometric composition of a smaller number of models.

Full Name Manon Deck-Sablon
Nationality French
Year of Birth 1995
Principal Technique Photography
Range of Pricing from 150 € to 2900 €
Presence in Institutional Collection No
Presence on the Secondary Market No
Manon Deck-Sablon photographer

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