Manon Deck-Sablon

When architecture meets the body.

Manon Deck-Sablon

Experimental artist blending two passions that place the viewer in almost liminal spaces.

Emerging French photographer Manon Deck-Sablon was born in 1995 in Saint-Cloud but raised in the south of France. She began her studies at the School of Architecture in Montpellier, before finishing at the School of Landscape Design in Versailles in 2020. 

She was initially passionate about architecture which is what was the main focus of her early photographic work. After practicing with structures for a while, her focus shifted to artistic nudes. As of late, her work showcases a blend of these two focal points, playing around with the human form in or around architectural structures. She has a unique point of view that gives her images a sense of vastness and mystery. 

Despite beginning her photographic journey fairly recently, Deck-Sablon’s work has already caught people’s attention. She has exhibited some of it in group photography shows in Milan and Paris, as well as a few solo shows at architecture festivals. She is often compared to the American artist Spencer Tunick, both in terms of her approach and artistic style except that her work typically features a significantly smaller number of models. In addition, she has been published in art magazines such as Acumen, and architectural and social magazines such as Polygone and Figures.

Full Name Manon Deck-Sablon
Nationality French
Year of Birth 1995
Principal Technique Photography
Range of Pricing from 150 € to 2900 €
Presence in Institutional Collection No
Presence on the Secondary Market No
Manon Deck-Sablon photographer

Manon Deck-Sablon

2021 — C-prints, limited to 26 copies (all sizes included)