Mathilde Oscar

When painting becomes photograph

Mathilde Oscar

Mathilde Oscar was born in Paris in 1980, and lives and works in Cannes.

She is a multifaceted artist whose artistic evolution is as fascinating as it is diverse. Her artistic journey is an odyssey that fuses a passion for painting, in-depth study of art history, graphic design and photography, ultimately giving birth to a singular visual language.

In the beginning, Mathilde Oscar explored the intricacies of painting, a medium that captured her heart and mind. This period was an enriching exploration of creativity, shaping her artistic perception. Art history became her ally, offering her a deep understanding of the classic masters of past centuries.

Over the years, Mathilde broadened her creative horizon to immerse herself in the world of graphic design. This immersion was a transformative period in which she honed her mastery of shapes, colors and visual compositions. However, it was only the prelude to a more significant metamorphosis.

In 2013, self-taught, she chose photography as a means of expression, offering a new canvas for her pictorial ideas, deeply rooted in artistic movements from the
Renaissance to Neo-Classicism.

In her photographs, Mathilde Oscar succeeds in capturing a striking atmosphere, giving her works an almost quasi-pictorial quality to her work. Her creative process frequently involves the meticulous fabrication of sets, costumes and props, although some of her inspirations can consist of digital elements that harmonize with her photographic composition.

What really sets Mathilde apart is her talent for interweaving the codes of classical painting with contemporary photography and pop culture. Her portraits are often anachronistic and offbeat conventions that seem suspended in an elusive space-time, while at the same time abounding in subtle references to art history.

Her artistic universe is one of great variety: sometimes romantic, sometimes imbued with surrealismmarked by a subtle dash of humor. The characters she captures become timeless icons, while her female portraits take on a Madonna-like aura, and her male figures (which she takes pleasure in reinventing as feminine) seem to revisit Christ-like archetypes.

In short, Mathilde Oscar is an artist who transcends artistic boundaries, fusing past and present painting and photography, to create a captivating visual world.

Full Name Mathilde Oscar
Nationality French
Year of Birth 1980
Principal Technique Photography
Range of Pricing from 300 € to 7500 €
Presence in Institutional Collection No
Presence on the Secondary Market Yes


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Les amours des dieux


Pop Iconic

Les Mondes Insensés