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MC Jean Gab’1 and Charles Aznavour

★ ICONIC PORTRAITS ★ by Arnaud Baumann

MC Jean Gab’1 and Charles Aznavour

MC Jean Gab’1:

MC Jean Gab’1 (real name Charles M’Bouss) is a French rapper of Cameroonian origin born in 1967, known for his song J’t’emmerde. His father murdered his mother and her husband in 1977 in Paris, and was sentenced to 5? years in Melun prison (77). MC Jean Gab’1 spent 10 years of his life at the DDASS and 7 years in prison for robbery (5 years in Germany and 2 in France). He is a member of the Les Requins Vicieux collective, which includes Doeen Damage and Lucien “Papalu”.

Quite eclectic, MC Jean Gab’1 also listens to rock and, when he was younger, one of his favorite bands was Trust.

In 1998, when he wanted to write a book, Gynéco encouraged him to rap on his album “Les Liaisons Dangereuses”, and his song “J’t’emmerde”, in which he exposes the past of a number of famous French rappers and rap groups, was a big hit due to the controversy it generated. MC Jean Gab’1 puts all the stars of French hip-hop in the same basket, and throws into the hole a system that no longer has anything but the name of the cités and the banlieue.


Charles Aznavour:

Charles Aznavour is a French-Armenian singer-songwriter and actor. His real name was Chahnourh Varinag Aznavourian, and he was born in Paris on May 22, 1924. He has 6 children from 3 different marriages. Charles Aznavour grew up among artists in the small restaurant his father opened on rue de la Huchette in Paris. From the age of 9, Charles Aznavour began performing alone on stage.

In 1946, he was noticed by the famous French singer Edith Piaf. Charles Aznavour accompanied her and his sidekick Pierre Roche on a tour of France and the United States. The striking duo spent a year and a half performing in Quebec, where they quickly made a name for themselves. But it was after a concert in Casablanca in 1956 that Charles Aznavour’s career really took off. He performed at the Olympia for the first time, with the hit song “Sur ma vie”.
In 1960, Charles Aznavour created “Je m’voyais déjà”. His career exploded with hits such as “Tu t’laisses aller”, “Il faut savoir”, “Les comédiens” and “For Me Formidable”. Aznavour is a tireless supporter of the Armenian cause. He is also very close to Quebec, which brings back so many memories.

Famous the world over, Charles Aznavour is a major figure in French chanson. Throughout his 60-year career, Charles Aznavour has appeared in over 60 films and composed over 1000 songs. This eclectic singer performs in 6 different languages.

In 2009, he published his autobiography, A voix basse, retracing the milestones of his career and private life.
A year later, Charles Aznavour received a Victoire d’honneur for his entire career. At the age of 93, he is awarded a star on the Walk of Fame.

On October 1, 2018, Charles Aznavour died at the age of 94.

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Edition Edition of 26
10 copies XS | 7 copies S | 5 copies M | 3 copies L | Single copy in XL
Type of Print Silver Base Print
Signature Signed and numbered on the back
Certificate of Authenticity Yes
Year of Creation 1981-2010
Artist Arnaud Baumann

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