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Genesis – Who’s That Nude in the Living Room



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this book offers 100 photographs from the genesis collection of the project who's that nude in the living room?

Each book can be signed by the artist on request!

In this book, through one hundred photographs, Idan Wizen offers us a different look at the body, nudity and the place of modesty in our society.
Initiated in Paris in April 2009, The Who’s That Nude in the Living Room? project allows everyone to pose in the simplest camera, without the slightest casting and without the slightest prejudice.
This book presents the first hundred people to have agreed to undress in front of the lens of this extraordinary young photographer. One hundred portraits of everyday people, revealing not only their bodies but also their being and their deep nature. Punctuated with testimonies and anecdotes, this work invites you to discover images profoundly different from what we usually see, smiles, looks, but above all touching and endearing personalities.

Format 20 x 20 cm – 120 pages
Preface by Christophe Colera
Contains the 100 photographs from the Genesis series as well as numerous testimonies and unpublished anecdotes.
Fully bilingual French/English book