The Shape of Things

By Manon Deck-Sablon

The interaction between the Human body and the world that surrounds it

The Shape of Things

“The Shape of Things” collection by French photographer Manon Deck-Sablon is a bold exploration of the relationship between the human body and its surroundings. Leveraging the skills and sensitivity gained from her education in architecture and landscape, Deck-Sablon crafts scenes where nude, anonymous bodies devoid of any specific sexualization or gender interact with their environment in absurd and poetic ways.

In this series, the models transcend their personal identity to become abstract and disjointed forms. They blend into architectural or natural landscapes, altering the conventional perception of these spaces. The human presence, thus staged, prompts a reflection on our relationship with an environment sometimes perceived as hostile or alien. Paradoxically, these nude bodies and unusual spatial interactions enable a reclamation of urban and natural space, offering new perspectives and breathing life and meaning back into the environment.

“The Shape of Things” invites viewers to ponder on humanity’s place within its milieu and how our presence alters and is altered by the spaces we inhabit. Through her works, Manon Deck-Sablon challenges the boundaries between artifice and nature, the constructed and the innate, unveiling underlying beauty in the simplicity of forms and interactions.

Already acknowledged for her innovative approach, Manon Deck-Sablon has showcased her work in collective and individual exhibitions, as well as various art and architecture publications. Compared to artist Spencer Tunick for her management of bodies in space, Deck-Sablon distinguishes herself through a preference for geometric compositions involving a limited number of models, thus enhancing the impact of each body on the surrounding space.

“The Shape of Things” celebrates the interplay between the human body and the world around it, revealing the power of bodily expression in redefining our relationship with the environment. It is an invitation to contemplate and rethink the dynamics between humans and space, between abstraction and materiality, between chaos and order.

Panoptique by Manon Deck Sablon

The Shape of Things

2020-2023 – C-Print – Edition of 26 – All sizes included