Hors Du Temps

by Mathilde Oscar

"The versatility of women challenging aged concepts"

A Few Words About Hors Du Temps

Hors Du Temps

In this collection, we encounter a diverse array of female archetypes—femme fatales, girly girls, tomboys, geeks, and warriors—all of whom exude strength and confidence, firmly rooted in the modern era. But what if these contemporary women were to journey back in time to the Renaissance?

The result? A stunning visual shock that defies expectation. “Hors Du Temps” explores the juxtaposition of shifted appearances and societal norms, seamlessly blending elements of the baroque with contemporary aesthetics. Through skillful artistry and imaginative storytelling, the collection takes viewers on a feminist journey through time—a deliciously anachronistic exploration of identity, empowerment, and self-expression.

Each photograph in “Hors Du Temps” serves as a window into an alternate reality, where women of today navigate the complexities of Renaissance society with grace and defiance. From elegant courtiers to fierce warriors, these women embrace their multifaceted personalities, challenging historical conventions and redefining what it means to be a woman “out of time.”

Through a careful blend of costume, set design, and photography techniques, “Hors du temps” not only celebrates the resilience and agency of women throughout history but also prompts viewers to reflect on the fluidity of identity and the enduring quest for self-discovery. Join us on this extraordinary journey through the ages, where the past meets the present in a breathtaking display of creativity and empowerment.



2017 – Fine art print, limited to 15 copies (all sizes included)