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Manon Deck-Sablon

Manon Deck-Sablon, a promising French photographer born in 1995 in Saint-Cloud and raised in Southern France, pursued her education in architecture at Montpellier, followed by landscape studies in Versailles, culminating in 2020. Her photography delves into the interaction between human bodies and their surroundings, informed by her background in landscape and architecture. Deck-Sablon captures anonymous, nude figures in a manner that strips away gender, identity, and sexuality, focusing instead on their form and relationship with the space around them. These figures, presented as abstract entities, engage with the environment in both harmonious and jarring ways, crafting scenes that verge on the surreal. Despite being relatively new to the photographic scene, Deck-Sablon has quickly gained recognition. Her unique vision has been showcased in various exhibitions, both group and solo, and featured in esteemed art and architecture publications. Her work draws parallels with Spencer Tunick’s, yet stands out for its distinct focus on minimalistic, yet impactful, arrangements of models. Her innovative approach to photography not only questions traditional perceptions of beauty and identity but also invites viewers to explore the profound connection between the human form and its landscape.

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