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Hors du temps

In this captivating collection, a myriad of female archetypes—from femme fatales to tomboys, geeks to warriors—are brought to life with an empowering spirit firmly grounded in contemporary ideals. But what if these modern women were transported back to the Renaissance era?The outcome? A visually striking revelation that challenges preconceptions. “Out of Time” delves into the intriguing interplay of shifted appearances and societal norms, seamlessly merging baroque elements with modern sensibilities. Through expert craftsmanship and imaginative storytelling, the collection embarks on a feminist voyage through the annals of time—an enticingly anachronistic exploration of identity, empowerment, and self-expression. Each image within “Out of Time” offers a glimpse into an alternate dimension, where contemporary women navigate the intricacies of Renaissance society with poise and defiance. Whether depicted as elegant courtiers or formidable warriors, these women embrace their multifaceted personas, confronting historical constraints and reshaping the definition of femininity beyond its time-bound boundaries. With meticulous attention to detail in costume, set design, and photographic composition, “Out of Time” not only honors the resilience and agency of women across centuries but also encourages viewers to contemplate the fluidity of identity and the perpetual journey of self-discovery. Embark on this extraordinary odyssey through epochs, where past and present converge in a breathtaking showcase of creativity and feminist empowerment in art.

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