By Manon Deck-Sablon

The inherent beauty in our symbiotic relationship with nature


The “Figures” collection, envisioned by the talented French photographer Manon Deck-Sablon, stands as a remarkable artistic quest to blur the lines between the human body and the environmental setting it occupies. By intentionally choosing naked, anonymized subjects free from any sexual or identity attributions, Deck-Sablon turns these bodies into foundational elements of a larger canvas, skillfully playing with the dynamics of presence and absence, of occupied space and void. These models, through their mere presence in the work, transcend their personal individuality to meld into geometric compositions where the dialogue between the physical and the spatial achieves a profound and captivating visual resonance.

Beyond merely celebrating nudity in its most stripped-down form, “Figures” engages the viewer in a deep introspection on the intrinsic relationship between the self and the space it inhabits. Through her lens, Manon Deck-Sablon prompts us to rethink our understanding of the environment, whether natural or constructed, orchestrating a visual symphony where the strange meets the familiar, where harmony springs from the unexpected. This series is not just an exploration of the human form but also a meditation on our integration and interaction with the world around us. “Figures” invites us to a reevaluation of our perception of space and landscape, offering a harmonious fusion between the abstract and the tangible, between chaos and order, thus awakening a new awareness of the inherent beauty in our symbiotic relationship with nature.

Essences pionnières by Manon Deck Sablon