Idan Wizen

Capturing individual freedom in all its forms is to reveal the very essence of our humanity

Idan Wizen

Idan Wizen is a Franco-Israeli artist and photographer, born in Tel Aviv in 1984. Initially pursuing studies in economics at the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas, Idan quickly shifted his focus to his true passion: art and photography. He deepened his expertise by earning a Master’s in Art Direction from Sup de Pub, followed by another Master’s from the University of the Arts London.
Idan gained international recognition with his bold project “Un Anonyme Nu Dans Le Salon,” which explores the beauty and complexity of the human form through nude photography. This project has been lauded for its artistic sensitivity and has won numerous awards, establishing Idan as a prominent figure in contemporary photography.
Further enriching his artistic career, Idan Wizen founded Studio Idan, an art gallery located on rue Beaubourg in Paris. This gallery is dedicated to the exhibition and promotion of contemporary artworks, reflecting his commitment to art and his vision of sharing unique and provocative creations with the world.

Idan Wizen is a photographer whose work focuses on the diversity, beauty of humanity, and individual freedom explored in various forms. Owner of the art gallery Studio Idan, located in the heart of Paris, he dedicates his time and energy primarily to his art, aiming to capture authentic and intimate moments through his lens.

Born in 1984 in Tel Aviv, Idan pursued a rich and varied artistic path, honing his craft in Paris, where he eventually established his own studio. His flagship project, “Who’s That Nude In The Living Room?”, reflects his passion for photography and commitment to representing human diversity. This ambitious project gathers thousands of portraits of people from all walks of life, each celebrating the unique beauty of the individual.

Individual freedom is a key theme in Idan’s work, explored in various forms across his pieces. His collection “Hinders” is a notable example, addressing personal and societal constraints that shape our lives. His photographs capture the essence of his subjects, highlighting their uniqueness and humanity with great sensitivity.

Idan has held over 50 exhibitions in France, the USA, and Japan, sharing his work with an international audience. His works have been widely recognized and awarded, receiving numerous international photography prizes.

The art gallery Studio Idan is more than just an exhibition space. It is a place of sharing and discovery, where Idan showcases not only his own works but also those of other artists who share a similar vision of art and humanity.

Idan Wizen continues to explore and push the boundaries of photography, always seeking to capture the essence of his subjects with respect and depth. His work offers a new and inclusive perspective on human beauty and diversity, celebrating individual freedom and authenticity.

Full Name Idan Wizen
Nationality French/Israeli
Year of Birth 1984
Principal Technique Photography
Range of Pricing from 100 € to 8500 €
Presence in Institutional Collection No
Presence on the Secondary Market Yes
Portrait Idan Wizen


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