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Les Amours Des Dieux

Throughout history, the enchanting narrative of divine affection has served as a wellspring of inspiration for countless artistic endeavors. One of the most enduring sagas is the mythic bond between Eros and Psyche, a tale immortalized in both sculpted masterpieces and vibrant frescoes, emblematic of the extraordinary fusion of celestial and mortal love.

In the rich tapestry of Greek mythology, the romantic entanglements of Jupiter with the captivating Io, alongside the poignant saga of Artemis and Orion, united in the hunt before meeting their tragic demise, were perennial muses for artists. Equally compelling were depictions of Hades’ fateful abduction of Persephone, marking the beginning of his subterranean reign, etched into the annals of art history with striking poignancy. These evocative portrayals traverse epochs, capturing the enduring intricacies of divine affection while immortalizing mythological chronicles of ardor, treachery, and fate.

Mathilde Oscar breathes new life into these timeless motifs through a captivating series of mixed-media self-portraits, reimagining the essence of Greek mythology pictures with a contemporary flair.

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