Self portraits like you've never seen them before

The photographic series cORpuS, created by the self-taught French artist Louis Blanc, is a fascinating journey into the universe of human body representation. Born in 2011, after a series of experiments and personal reflections intensified by Blanc’s switch to professional DSLR equipment, cORpuS stands out for its ability to capture the complexity, beauty, and sometimes the strangeness of the human body.

Each photograph in cORpuS is the result of a unique creative process, often starting with a vague idea and evolving through a series of trials and errors until it reaches a form of expression that defies conventions. Blanc employs self-portrait techniques to stage his own body in contortions that push the limits of bodily expression, using a timer and remote control to capture these intense moments of solitude and self-discovery.

The neutral background of the images highlights the main subject: the body itself, distorted, stretched, sometimes posed unsettlingly, but always captivating. It’s an exploration of the human form that invites reflection on the human condition, on fragility, strength, beauty, and anxiety that can be expressed through the sole language of the body.

Since its launch, cORpuS has generated keen interest and has been exhibited in over 40 international exhibitions, from France to Japan, and from New York to Italy and Russia. This series has not only been critically acclaimed in publications like La Provence and Réponses Photo but has also been recognized in international media, including Monaco Culture and the Tribune de Genève.

Through cORpuS, Louis Blanc does more than capture images; he provokes a dialogue with the viewer, a dialogue where the contours of the body speak of deep emotions, untold stories, and beauty in imperfection. This series is a testament to Blanc’s artistic vision, a vision that continues to evolve and captivate a global audience.

corpus ac manus by Louis Blanc

cORpuS by Louis Blanc

2010–2020 — Fine Art Print –  Edition of 10 all sizes included