In The Dollhouse

by Dina Goldstein

"Life wasn't supposed to be this hard for Barbie"

A Few Words About In The Dollhouse

The tale that unravels their imposed relationship shows us that pretending can only go so far.


Women’s realities and societal pressures are hidden in a world dominated by constructed ideals of beauty and femininity. Goldstein’s collection “In The Dollhouse” deconstructs the façade of domestic perfection by presenting scenes where iconic dolls, such as Barbie, grapple with issues like aging, body image, and societal expectations. Through her lens, Goldstein provides a critical commentary on the superficial standards imposed on women, shedding light on the toll these expectations can take on one’s mental and emotional well-being.

The collection challenges conventional perceptions of femininity and the roles women are expected to play, all while utilizing the symbolism of dolls, a potent representation of societal ideals and cultural conditioning. Goldstein’s thought-provoking imagery underscores the need for a more inclusive and accepting society that values individuals beyond their outward appearances, encouraging a reevaluation of societal norms and a shift towards embracing diversity and authenticity. “In The Dollhouse” serves as a powerful reminder to question the narrow beauty standards that limit women, urging us to celebrate uniqueness and reject the pressure to conform to unrealistic portrayals.

in the dollhouse dina goldstein breakfast


2012 – Pigment on archival paper, limited to 40 copies (all sizes included)

Making of In the Dollhouse collection