Exploration Of Self

Visually striking and narrative compositions that immerse ourselves in a world of fantasy and emotion.

Exploration Of Self

Artiste poétique et onirique explorant la nature humaine, la solitude et la transformation

In her compelling collection “Exploration of Self,” artist and photographer Brooke Shaden delves deep into self-examination and discovery. Each piece in this series unveils an aspect of her personal journey through self-portraiture, providing a reflective soul’s mirror where inner duality and existential inquiries are illuminated. Born from the vast creative expanse of her mind, this collection emerged as a quest to decipher the mysteries of her being.

“Exploration of Self” sees Shaden navigating through the shadows and light of her identity, weaving visual stories that transcend mere representation. She creates dreamlike worlds where every element, texture, and color contributes to the narrative of deep introspection. Her images become catalysts for personal reflection, inviting viewers to embark on their own soul-searching journey.

This collection signifies a period of transition and growth for Shaden, utilizing photography as a tool to confront and embrace the hidden facets of her personality. “Exploration of Self” epitomizes her ability to turn vulnerability into strength, revealing raw beauty in the act of self-revelation. Each image is a step towards understanding her fears, desires, and dreams, in a journey that is both personal and universal.

Known for her innovative approach and impeccable technique, Brooke Shaden continues to captivate and inspire with “Exploration of Self.” The collection has been featured in numerous galleries and praised for its emotional depth and unique aesthetic. Through this work, Shaden not only discovers herself; she extends an invitation for all to embark on a similar quest for self-exploration, once again proving why she is considered a significant voice in contemporary art.



2009 – Today — Fine Art Prints on Velvet paper. Edition of 30 all sizes included