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Louis Blanc

Self-taught photographer Louis Blanc, made his mark with his series CORpuS in 2011. Born in 1956 in France, Blanc has focused on mainly two points in his career thus far : architecture, capturing the beauty of historic structures, and unconventional representation of the human form and its limits. 

Having spent three decades experimenting with two distinct cameras, he made the switch to his first SLR, which allowed him to be inspired to pursue more nuanced photography and thus, CORpuS was born. 

He is the model and the artist in this series, completely exposing himself to vulnerability and introspection. Black and white with a neutral background, this series serves as a birth to his professional career as a photographer. By reducing other elements and having the main focal point as the body, this piece of work makes you feel engrossed in emotion and contemplation. 

Louis Blanc is a promising talent, without conviction. He became a part of the artists supported by Maecene Arts in 2014. Additionally, his work has found buzz in numerous articles published by French magazines. CORpuS has been recognized internationally, and has been presented in 40+ exhibitions in France, Russia, New York, Japan, Italy and Prague.