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Manon Deck-Sablon

Manon Deck-Sablon, an emerging French photographer born in 1995 in Saint-Cloud and raised in the southern regions of France, embarked on her artistic journey with a foundation in architecture. Her academic pursuits began at the School of Architecture in Montpellier and culminated with her graduation from the School of Landscape Design in Versailles in 2020.

Initially drawn to architecture, her early photographic endeavors were centered around capturing the intricacies of architectural structures. Over time, her creative focus shifted towards the realm of artistic nudes. Today, her work seamlessly melds these two passions, as she explores the interplay between the human form and architectural environments. This unique perspective infuses her images with a profound sense of expansiveness and enigma.

Despite her relatively recent entry into the world of photography, Deck-Sablon’s work has already garnered significant recognition. She is frequently likened, both in her approach and style, to the American artist Spencer Tunick. Some even refer to her as the “Budget Spencer Tunick” due to the considerably smaller number of models involved in her work. Her photographs have graced group exhibitions in prestigious locales such as Milan and Paris, while she has also held solo exhibitions at architecture festivals. Furthermore, her talent has been showcased in prominent art publications like Acumen, as well as in architectural and sociocultural magazines such as Polygone and Figures.