by Mathilde Oscar

"Merging with the elements"

A Few Words About Métamorphoses


Embracing its own devastating folly, mankind has soiled its land, altered its habitat, and tarnished its essence. Enclosed, confined in its own morass, it desperately seeks a way to free itself. In this story, tomorrow’s superheroes will emerge from those with the courage to metamorphose.

In the midst of its own stubbornness and loneliness, mankind will recognize its mistakes and begin a transformation. Like a fountain of youth, nature will regenerate its entire being, and in its cocoon, his soul will extract the essence of all things. It will melt into the matrix, and out of its chrysalis, it will be reborn in its true element.

Through this series, Mathilde Oscar delivers a message of harmony with nature. Four elements (represented by 4 names of associated goddesses) symbolize this allegorical vision where land and sea are in turn polluted, fires devastate flora and fauna, and the air becomes toxic, making it impossible to breathe.

In this dystopian world, humanity finds itself isolated in a cage, a poignant symbol of its confinement and individuality. As for the mask, it embodies the hero in all of us, ready to metamorphose and merge with our intrinsic nature.

The call is clear: change the world and become the fifth element, the one who transcends the limits imposed by isolation. Only sharing and empathy can break the cage of individualism, restoring a lost harmony with our environment and our own essence.



2020 – Fine art print, limited to 15 copies (all sizes included)