by Mathilde Oscar

"Dream of elsewhere"

A Few Words About Wanderlust


An adventurer, but only in my thoughts, my imaginary journeys are set down on paper through staged faces that are nothing more than the representation of my dream of “elsewhere”. I then become these women from all over the world for the duration of a shoot.

Wanderlust brings together 3 series on an ethnic theme, somewhere between dream and travel, and puts the spotlight quite simply on women.

The portrait is a recurring theme in my photography, telling a story in itself through the look and the setting that surrounds it. My creativity translates into embodying all the roles, from designing sets and props to creating costumes. My photographs incorporate contemporary codes of fashion and beauty, while introducing artistic references to classicism.

“I hear the sirens calling me… My ears, brushed by a warm wind, are soothed when my eyes see sweet Amazons proud and haughty in the distance, their eyes plunged into mine. When the singing mingles with the tom-tom, the journey has begun and goddesses with the allure of frightened odalisques stand before me. I can feel the trance rising and divine faces haunting me. I embark on a journey of exotic ramblings, multiple hallucinations of ethnic beauty. I become the strong, proud women who make my world an ephemeral odyssey.

SMOKING KAHLO par Mathilde Oscar


2015-2023 – Fine art print, limited to 15 or 30 copies depending on the artwork (all sizes included)