by Mathilde Oscar

"Intertwining with nature"

A Few Words About Dystopia


Dystopia celebrates nature and its insects, while shedding light on their fate on our planet. In an era where bees are disappearing under the weight of human actions, how long will humanity prevail? Insects are more numerous and organized, with a total biomass 300 times greater than that of humans. Yet their small size is a source of great fear.

What if harmonious coexistence was possible? Or, on the contrary, insects could take over humanity? Mathilde Oscar explores these scenarios in “Dystopia”, depicting a rococo-tinged post-apocalyptic future through images where beauty and repugnance intertwine. As we look deeper, beauty reveals its ephemeral side, marred by marks and imperfections.

This astonishing mix provokes a paradoxical feeling in viewers: admiration or disturbance? Perhaps these performances will enable entomophobia to reconcile themselves with their fears. These images deceive us as to their nature, for they are not paintings but photographs in which the figures are made of flesh and blood. A human queen confronted with other queens, these images invite you to question the boundary between beauty and ugliness, fiction and reality.

Sphingidae by Mathilde Oscar


2019 – Fine art print, limited to 8 copies (all sizes included)