Pop Classicisme

by Mathilde Oscar

"A fresh take on the classics"

A Few Words About Pop Classicisme


A collection that merges various themes, revisiting the masters or simply inspired by classical painting. From Ingres’ odalisque in its various guises to the inspirations of Vermeer, Botticelli, Bernini, Canova and many other references from the history of art… a reinterpretation of mythology and the nude of yesterday and today, between offbeat humor and the simple representation of beauty. No particular message here, but rather an invitation to the pleasure of the eye and the sweet familiarity of universally-known masterpieces. A different perspective that speaks to everyone, offering a fresh vision of works appreciated by all.

NU À LA FENÊTRE by Mathilde Oscar


2016-2024 – Fine art print, limited to 15 or 30 copies depending on the artwork (all sizes included)