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Dancing Street – Virtual Street Art

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Each print is unique on it's size for a total of 3



EditionEdition of 3 - Print unique on each size
Type of printSilver based C-Print
Certificate of authenticityYes
Year of creation2020
Fine art artistIdan Wizen
SeriesVirtual Street Art

About the series “Virtual Street Art”

Street art and the nude genre are the two arts that have been neglected by the conservative elite for a long time. Despite the attempts of different artists to elevate street art to the rank of the art of its own, it is still not considered as one. The nudity, on the other hand, even if was and still remains an essential part of the artist’s training, is not fully accepted in society nowadays. Moreover, it is banned from all social media and is perceived as something evil.

The artist Idan Wizen chose the photographs from the Purity collection, part of the project “Who’s That Nude in the Living Room?”, and tried to visualize how they would look if integrated into the walls of modern Parisian buildings near his studio. The idea behind was an attempt to imagine how our world would look if nudity was an essential part of our lives.

Sizes and framing

150 300 

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