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Serie Sanitized

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EditionEdition of 4 - Print unique on each size
Type of printSilver based C-Print
Certificate of authenticityYes
Year of creation2021
Fine art artistIdan Wizen
SeriesUn Anonyme Nu Dans Le Salon

About the serie


Sanitized is the 13th collection of the art project “Who’s that nude in the living room ?

Learn more about the project “Who’s that nude in the living room?”

Composed of two complementary tones, a blue and an orange, both in the decorations and in the lighting, the Sanitized collection with its set entirely covered with plastic sheeting, is reminiscent of the unprecedented episode that our societies experienced: the Covid crisis and the resulting lockdowns.

But if this first reading allows us to locate this collection in time, we cannot help but see a deeper, more conceptual and more critical meaning: the sanitization of our society and its culture. The smooth plastic perfectly represents the current desire to create a world without roughness, which does not bother anyone. A world that trembles at the idea of ​​criticism on social networks, a world where the priority is no longer to please some people, but to displease no one. In the midst of this, the individual, the only element that is not covered with plastic, is daring to defy the standardization of our customs. And the choice which is offered to him is to accept or not this new world, smooth and sanitized, a choice represented by the duality of colors which come to illuminate the model. It is up to the spectator to choose the world he prefers.

About the project

Who's that nude in the living room ?

Showing humanity as it is, in its most natural state, its nudity and diversity.
In our paradoxical society where the nude is banned from all social networks, and yet the pornography is easily accessible to all, Idan Wizen and his photographs take the opposite tack by putting the naked body in the foreground, replacing sexuality for the enhancement of all human bodies. He expresses his vision of our society through his art that is unique in its desire to represent humanity the way it is, in its most natural state, in its nudity and diversity.

More than 2000 persons stripped naked for this art project
For over a decade, Idan Wizen has been receiving people in his photostudio to create from them a piece of art. With each person, he creates a unique fine art photography that is exhibited and purchased by art collectors. Over the years, he has realised thirteen different series that tell different stories about nudity and our society.

Everyone can be a piece of art
The project called Un Anonyme Nu dans le Salon (french for Who’s That Nude in the Living Room?), changes completely the vision of a naked body in society. The models are ordinary people and there is no casting. Oversized or skin-and-bone, midget or a giant, just a regular person from 18 to 99 years old, everyone is welcome. For most of them, the goal is to learn how to love themselves and to correct the disrupted and inaccurate vision of themselves.
The main idea of the project is to pay tribute to the uniqueness and diversity of the human race with its raw and unedited photographs. While fashion and advertising industries commemorate and glorify the perfect Apollonian and Aphroditian bodies, the artist stands aside of these dictates and has the courage to represent something different: a normal living body without any embellishment or beauty touch-ups. By showing his models without pageantry, and without erotism, the artist fights with one stone the growing puritanism and the omnipresence of pornography in our society, extracting at the same time the model from any socio-cultural background.