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Jean-Pierre Kalfon

Little Black Book by Arnaud Baumann

Jean-Pierre Kalfon

Jean-Pierre Kalfon, born in Paris on October 30, 1938, is a French actor, director and theater director. From his early days in the 60s, he attracted attention with landmark roles in New Wave films, working with directors such as Jean-Luc Godard and François Truffaut.

Kalfon has diversified his artistic career, navigating between cinema, television and theater. His magnetic screen presence and ability to embody complex characters have firmly established him in the French film landscape.

At the same time, he has explored theatrical directing, successfully helming several productions. His passion for classical and contemporary theater has led him to play major roles while contributing to the cultural enrichment of the French stage.

Throughout his career, Kalfon has evolved with French cinema, adapting his style to changing times and trends. His varied filmography bears witness to his versatility, ranging from committed dramas to light-hearted comedies.

Jean-Pierre Kalfon remains a respected figure in the entertainment world, embodying the artistic spirit and creativity that have characterized French cinema for decades. His career, rich in success and prestigious collaborations, continues to inspire subsequent generations of artists.

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Edition Edition of 18
7 copies XS – 20 x 30 cm | 7 copies S – 24 x 36 cm | 3 copies M – 40 x 60 cm | Single Copy L 100 x 150 cm
Type of print Silver Base Print
Signature Signed and numbered on the back
Certificate of Authenticity Yes
Year of Creation 1981-1983
Fine Art Artist Arnaud Baumann
Series Little Black Book