Deborah Zuanazzi

Her surreal and chiaroscuro qualities, creating evocative and visually striking artworks

Deborah Zuanazzi

Deborah Zuanazzi, born in 1995 in Italy, is a fine art photographer with Italian roots. From an early age, Deborah exhibited a natural creative talent, which guided her towards the arts during her high school years, eventually leading to a degree in Art Restoration. Despite her classical education, Deborah discovered her true artistic expression through photography, which she uses as a compelling medium to communicate her emotions and ideas.

Deborah refined her skills at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, where she studied New Technologies of Art. Throughout her academic journey, she began to earn recognition for her work, securing several international awards. Her first major achievement came with a win at the Nikon Photo Contest in 2016/2017.

Her deep background in traditional art and art history profoundly shapes her photographic approach. Deborah’s work is characterized by its surreal and chiaroscuro elements, resulting in images that are both evocative and visually arresting. Post-production is a critical part of her creative process, allowing her to further develop and perfect her photographs.

Currently residing in Turin, Deborah continues to follow her passion as a Fine Art Photographer and Digital Artist. In addition to her artistic pursuits, she is also the Head of Design for a creative agency based in London, skillfully balancing her dual roles with exceptional commitment.

Full Name Deborah Zuanazzi
Nationality Italian
Année de naissance 1995
Main Technic Photography
Range of prices from 250 € to 2 400 €
Presence in institutional collections. No
Presence on the secondary market No
Deborah Zuanazzi Fine Art Photographer



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