May 24 - June 14 2024
43 rue Beaubourg - 75003 - Paris

The Boomer Collection :
freedom and identity of the human body

Studio Idan Art Gallery
43 rue Beaubourg – 75003 Paris

May 24 – June 14 2024
Monday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The Studio Idan Art Gallery presents “The Boomer Collection” from May 24 to June 14, 2024 in Paris, a captivating exhibition that immerses visitors in the pop and psychedelic world of the 70s. With works celebrating the human body in a kitsch setting, this unusual exhibition questions our relationship to nudity and intimacy through the prism of seventies style. Discover a unique collection where art and social issues meet at 43 rue Beaubourg, Paris.

Explore Humanity and Art Through The Boomer Collection

The 15th series of the “Who’s That Nude in the Living Room” project reveals the complex relationship between the human body and self-image in a contemporary context, enriched by the contrast of the ideals of the 1970s.

An Ode to 70s Kitsch

Idan Wizen revitalizes the seventies aesthetic, offering a photo gallery vibrating to the rhythm of flower power, pop colors and cult objects of the era, inviting deep reflection on the evolution of our perception of nudity.

The Human Body: Between Liberation and Contradiction

This exhibition questions the liberation of the body in the face of the paradoxes of our society, torn between puritanism and omnipresent exposure, through works that celebrate the diversity and natural beauty of nudity.

An Unusual Expo Not to Be Missed

Come and experience a unique immersion in 70s art and contemporary reflection on the body and identity at the Studio Idan Art Gallery. A must-see artistic event for art and photography lovers.

opening evening :

For the opening of “The Boomer Collection”, forget the classic vernissage and immerse yourself in a 70’s party! Enjoy vintage music, take selfies in our Boomer décor (in the outfit of your choice!), and don’t miss our colorful staff. Idan Wizen will be signing the exhibition book, adding a personal touch to this memorable night.

Saturday May 25 starting from 7 p.m.



A limited edition book of 100 copies describing all the works in the exhibition.