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Bustier Issey Miyake by Arnaud Baumann - Le Palace Collection

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Edition of 20 - All sizes included | 10 in S, 7 in M, 3 in L

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Edition of this artwork
Edition of 20 - All sizes included | 10 in S, 7 in M, 3 in L

Type of print
C-Print on Metallic Paper

On the back.

Certificate of Authenticity
Yes, included by the gallery.

Year of Creation
1978 - 1983

Fine Art Artist
Arnaud Baumann

Le Palace

Photograph taken at the Palace during a party. Created in 1980/1981, the Issey Miyake bustier was worn in particular by Grace Jones. It is part of the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

Le Palace

Le Palace

In April 1978, Le Palace swung open its gates, establishing itself as Paris's answer to New York's iconic Studio 54. This pivotal nightlife hub transcended its geographical confines, becoming a timeless emblem of joy, liberty, and unbridled revelry.

The club's legendary nights were a gathering point for luminaries from music, fashion, and film, both French and international, alongside revelers seeking a space of uninhibited celebration. Le Palace became a crucible of diverse sounds and liberated spirits, playing a foundational role in the rise of gay culture.

As hallmarks of an age defined by a carefree approach to existence, the unmatched extravagance and liberty of Le Palace soirées continue to resonate as a symbol of cultural liberation and eclectic festivity.

Arnaud Baumann

Arnaud Baumann

Arnaud Baumann, French portrait photographer and videographer, was born in 1953 and left an indelible mark on the world of photography. His career began alongside photographer Xavier Lambours, with whom he had the opportunity to capture unique and intimate moments by photographing the behind the scenes, hysterics and editorial conferences of Hara Kiri and Charlie Hebdo magazines. This experience marked the start of a promising career.

Over the years, Baumann has been published in renowned magazines such as Hara Kiri, Libération, Le Nouvel Observateur, Télérama, VSD, Paris Match and Géo, thus demonstrating his talent and versatility as a photographer.

During one of the key periods of his career, from 1978 to 1983, Baumann immortalized the evenings at Fabrice Emaer’s “Palace”. Through his photographs, he captures the very essence of these extravagant evenings, immersing us in the electric and liberated atmosphere of a bygone era.

Baumann devotes a large part of his career to portraiture, becoming a master in the art of revealing the essence of well-known personalities and cultural actors. His portraits are imbued with depth and sensitivity, to the point of capturing the soul of his subjects.

Throughout his career, Baumann reinvented his style while remaining faithful to what makes him a generational photographer. His process rethinks the links between the structure of his vision and the reality that surrounds it. His photographs are recognizable by their precise framing, precise colors and always mastered compositions.

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