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F013 - Collection Genèse by Nude in the Living Room
Idan Wizen - Genesis

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Edition of this artwork
Edition of 8 - All sizes included

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C-Print on mat papper

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Yes, included by the gallery.

Year of Creation
2009 - 2010

Fine Art Artist
Idan Wizen




At the onset of "An Anonymous Nude in the Living Room" in 2009, Idan Wizen aimed to explore societal perceptions of beauty. During that period, societal norms were rigidly confined to a singular vision of beauty, epitomized by airbrushed models in glossy magazines. Wizen's journey revealed that beauty transcends these narrow confines, manifesting in various forms across different genders, ages, and body types.

The project also delves into notions of modesty amidst contrasting societal trends: the pervasive, often unsolicited exposure to pornography, and a simultaneous revival of puritanical views that seemingly condemn the mere display of the human body. Through "Genesis," the inaugural collection of the project, Wizen invites contemplation on the essence of attraction, stripped of socio-cultural identifiers like names, ages, or professions, focusing instead on what inherently draws us to another person and inspires us to invite their presence into our lives for admiration and storytelling.

"Genesis" marks the beginning of "An Anonymous Nude in the Living Room," an artistic endeavor aiming to compile the largest photographic series capturing humanity in its purest form: naked and diverse. This photographic art concept seeks to amass a vast array of volunteer models from all walks of life, creating a grand portrait gallery of contemporary men and women. The collection, through its diversity and the unique essence of each photograph, celebrates the universal beauty of the human form, challenging the restrictive socio-cultural and aesthetic standards of our time.

Nude in the Living Room

Nude in the Living Room

“Who’s that Nude In The Living Room?” is a unique artistic project which aims to constitute the largest photographic series ever made representing humanity as it is, in its most natural state, its nudity and its diversity.

Developed by photographer Idan Wizen, this concept of photographic art aims to bring together thousands of models, volunteers of all ages and from all part of society to constitute a huge bank of portraits of men and women of today who have agreed to to show themselves as they are, nude.

These photographs, in their multitude and the originality of each one of them, their dynamism and their naturalness, show to universal human beauty, far beyond the restrictive socio-cultural and aesthetic criteria of our time.

Anyone who poses in his simplest device participates by his own personality, his differences and his particularities in the universality of the humankind.

Idan Wizen has chosen to exacerbate the true authenticity of each of his models, breaking their possible masks, exposing through each of them, the simple and nude beauty of human nature.

He also defies the usual criteria of nude photography with his shocking photos, with a strong artistic bias, where the spontaneous provocation of one model can rub shoulders with the cheerful and naive expression of another, or the modest revelation of a third.

The uniformity of the beauty criteria of our society as well as its modes of expression, “Who’s that Nude In The Living Room?” opposes the multitude, the variety, the strength of character, the movement, the surprising and the natural to the state gross of mankind.

Each photo is unique as its model, and never touched up. This inevitably challenges us and creates in us a curious feeling of closeness, of belonging. Because these models are all of us.

Moved or upset by the freshness of a smile, the roundness of a curve, a playful look, a cry of release or the fragility of a silhouette, we would like to keep one of these photos with us, the image of a being among the multitude of the human race, a nude in the living room!

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