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Edition of 12 - All sizes included | 5 in XS, 4 in S and 3 in M

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Edition of this artwork
Edition of 12 - All sizes included | 5 in XS, 4 in S and 3 in M

Type of print
Fine art print on baryta paper

On the back.

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Yes, included by the gallery.

Year of Creation

Fine Art Artist
Deborah Zuanazzi

Ab Intus

With this self-portrait, Deborah aimed to remind herself to embrace a more light-hearted approach to life, and to ease up on the self-criticism that often accompanies her work.

Ab Intus

Ab Intus

“ Inner Realms"

Ab Intus is an artistic photographic collection that offers viewers a glimpse into the hidden depths of the human experience through surreal imagery. Each image within this collection serves as a portal to the innermost sanctums of the subjects, revealing worlds of emotions, desires, fears and memories.

The title, "Ab Intus," from Latin for "from within," serves as a poignant reminder of the collection's central theme: the exploration of the internal landscape. Through a series of surreal and captivating images, the collection invites viewers to embark on a journey into the depth, leading us into windows of worlds where reality merges with imagination and the boundaries of perception are blurred.

At the heart of this collection lies a fascination with the hidden realms of consciousness—the thoughts, feelings, memories, and dreams that shape our lived experience. Each image offers a unique perspective on the inner realms of the subjects, from abstract representations of emotion to intricate depictions of memory and desire.

With this collection, Deborah Zuanazzi invites viewers to explore the vast expanse of the inner self, and to contemplate their own inner worlds and the myriad emotions that reside within; a journey into the inner realms and the mysteries that lie within.

Deborah Zuanazzi

Deborah Zuanazzi

Deborah Zuanazzi, born in 1995 in Italy, is an Italian fine art photographer.
From a young age, Deborah demonstrated a creative flair, which led her to pursue art and art history during her high school years, culminating in a degree in Art Restoration. Despite her classical training, Deborah found her true artistic voice through photography, using it as a powerful medium to convey her emotions and concepts.

Deborah honed her craft at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, where she studied New Technologies of Art. During her academic journey, she began to gain recognition for her work, winning several international awards. Notably, she won her first major accolade at the Nikon Photo Contest in 2017/2018.

Her extensive background in traditional art and art history deeply influences her photographic style. Deborah's work is distinguished by its surreal and chiaroscuro qualities, creating images that are both evocative and visually striking. Post-production plays a significant role in her creative process, allowing her to further enhance and refine her photographs.

Currently, Deborah lives in Turin, where she continues to pursue her passion as a Fine Art Photographer and Digital Artist. Alongside her artistic career, she also serves as the Head of Design for a creative agency based in London, balancing her dual roles with remarkable dedication.

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