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Story of Love N°13 by Anna Laza - Story of Love Collection

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Edition of 10 - All sizes included | 6 in S, 3 in M and a single print in L

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Edition of this artwork
Edition of 10 - All sizes included | 6 in S, 3 in M and a single print in L

Type of print
Fine Art Print

On the back.

Certificate of Authenticity
Yes, included by the gallery.

Year of Creation
2019 - 2020

Fine Art Artist
Anna Laza

Story of Love

Story of Love

Story of Love

There're different languages of love in how people express and experience it. One of them is touch, showing love through physical contact.

In the project "Story of Love" I explore the silent eloquence of human hands through black and white photography. In this collection hands are the sole protagonists, captured in various gestures that reveal the intricate tapestry of human emotions and relationships. Each gesture reveals a chapter of human connection— affection, trust, unity, anger in its raw, tactile essence. Each photograph is a chapter in this universal story, portraying different emotions.

The series celebrates the universal language of physical touch, capturing
the timeless bonds that unite us all.

Anna Laza

Anna Laza

Anna Laza is an influential visual artist working in Art photography. Her
projects are focused on finding innovative style both shooting and post
processing. Her work has been rewarded and been exhibited
internationally, she has won in a number of famous photo contests,
including LensCulture and others.
She is often published in photography magazines and regularly appears
on prestigious jury lists for photographic events.
Beside her own photography she is also a creator of magazine FotoSlovo,
which highlights every year new emerging talents in photography.

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