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Ali Liston weigh-in

Neil Leifer

Ali Liston weigh in by Neil Leifer

On May 25, 1965, at St. Dominic’s Arena in Lewiston, Maine, Muhammad Ali stares down Sonny Liston during the weigh-in before their world heavyweight title fight. This iconic image, captured by photographer Neil Leifer, showcases Ali’s determination and confidence facing his opponent.

Neil Leifer, born in 1942 in New York, is a renowned American photographer, particularly famous for his sports photography. He began his career at 16 and worked for prestigious magazines like Sports Illustrated, Time, and Life. Leifer has captured many major sporting events, but it is his work on boxing, especially his images of Muhammad Ali, that made him famous. His photographs, often imbued with deep emotion and a keen sense of the decisive moment, have become icons of sports photography.