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Jean-Baptiste Liautard

Cappadoce par Jean-Baptiste Liautard

In 2020, Cappadocia, with its lunar landscapes and famous fairy chimneys, became the setting for an exceptional photo shoot for Kilian Bron, organized by Jean-Baptiste Liautard. Fascinated by this region, Jean-Baptiste had the unique opportunity to photograph Kilian amidst this magical scenery for about ten days.

Combining the discipline of mountain biking with the unique panorama of Cappadocia represented a golden opportunity for Jean-Baptiste. This place is also famous for its hot air balloon flights: every morning, nearly 200 balloons rise at sunrise, creating a spectacular scene.

However, capturing a strong image in this setting required finding the right place and the right moment, which proved to be more complex than expected. After several days of scouting, Jean-Baptiste and his team finally found themselves at the foot of a ridge at dawn. Through a combination of luck and anticipation, they captured the perfect moment: the wind blew in the right direction, the sky was tinted with pastel colors, the balloons aligned, and Kilian jumped over a rock, offering a breathtaking image.

Jean-Baptiste Liautard is a French photographer specializing in extreme sports and landscapes. Passionate about adventure and nature, he has managed to combine these two elements to create captivating and dynamic images. Often working with top-level athletes, he captures intense and unique moments, highlighting the beauty of landscapes and the passion of sport. Liautard has traveled the world for his projects, always seeking new perspectives and challenges to immortalize.