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The Dune

Jean-Baptiste Liautard

Jean-Baptiste Liautard sur Kilian Bronn, Nazca, Pérou, 2022

After a long night driving on the Peruvian mountain roads from the city of Cuzco, Jean-Baptiste Liautard and his team arrive early in the morning in the city of Nazca. After a few hours of rest in a poorly air-conditioned hotel room, they hit the road towards the dune. The landscape that unfolds before them is surreal, with a true sand mountain reaching several hundred meters high.

After reaching the top of the dune, Jean-Baptiste flies his drone. The relief of the dune, shaped by the wind, appears even more astonishing from the sky. As the shadows form at sunset, Kilian Bronn launches down the slope. With only one possible attempt due to the tracks left by the bike, luck is on their side: the turn is made at the right place, sand is thrown into the air, and the long-awaited photo appears on the screen.

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