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La pulga 2

Charlotte Wilson

La pulga 2 par Charlotte Wilson

During the semi-final of the 2022 World Cup, Argentina faced Croatia in an intense and decisive match. Lionel Messi, nicknamed “La Pulga”, once again showcased his exceptional talent, leading his team to victory. This memorable encounter was immortalized by photographer Charlotte Wilson in a work titled “La Pulga 2”.

Wilson managed to capture the essence of Messi, his intensity, and his dedication on the field. This photograph not only illustrates Messi’s sporting achievement but also the passion and determination that drive him in every match.

Charlotte Wilson is a renowned photographer specializing in sports photography. Based in the UK, she has worked with numerous international publications and covered major sporting events around the world. Her eye for detail and ability to capture moments of pure emotion have earned her worldwide recognition. With a career rich in varied experiences, Wilson continues to capture images that tell powerful and inspiring stories, highlighting sports heroes in their most glorious moments.