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Julien Poupar

Pyramide par Julien Poupart

On January 5, 2020, an intense Top 14 match took place at Stade Mayol between RC Toulon and Castres Olympique. In an open scrum, Hans Nkinsi (CO) and Romain Taofifenua (RCT) clashed with remarkable power. The photograph, titled “Pyramid”, captures this moment of strength and determination.

Julien Poupart, the photographer behind this work, describes his experience of the shot: “While taking it, I felt the power of the maul, the impression of taking it in the face.” His testimony reveals the intensity of the moment and the raw energy exuded by the players.

Julien Poupart is a photographer specializing in sports, particularly rugby. With a career dedicated to capturing the essence of the game and the emotion of the matches, Poupart has worked on numerous major Top 14 events and other competitions. His photographic approach highlights the strength, strategy, and commitment of the players, offering spectators an immersive and vibrant perspective of the decisive moments on the field.